Why People Get Bored With Their Mobile Devices

Boredom is this state that you feel when the excitement, the anticipation, the suspense and the surprise is gone. Humans are prone to this boredom state and everyone has already experienced it. Let’s say you bought a new phone, it is the best in its class, like bigger battery, better camera optics, higher megapixels, the newest operating system, has higher memory, has higher RAM and a beautiful display.

Aside from that, your device has all the bells and whistles and the phone company threw everything that they included the kitchen sink in terms of materials and upgrades. your phone is beautiful to hold and look at and when you started using the device you were hooked, you were in love even but after a few months, you became puzzled because it felt like you were losing that love and this feeling of excitement was replaced with being mediocre.

That boredom factor: This is not just you, it’s actually common to all people not just because there is a new bigger, better and badder devices that are out there on the market. It’s just that if your device is not able to give you something new you will get bored. You will still use it everyday but not because of the longer battery life, the bigger megapixels and all that, it all won’t matter to you after four to eight months. Instead, you use it for social media, taking selfies, taking food pictures and all that. The hardware doesn’t matter because what excites you now are the apps, launchers and wall paper.

Why it happens: Mobile devices are not upgradable, tablets and mobile phones cannot be upgraded hardware wise (internally), unless you’re a technician which is only composed 5% of the total mobile device users. While the hardware are just too dreamy to look at, hold and use the first few months, it will grow on you and you will be back to your normal self and treat it just like any other smart device that you have. This is where apps, launchers and wallpapers come into the picture.

Why wallpapers: Surely you’re wondering, why wallpapers? What about wall papers that makes it very interesting? Wallpapers are actually a very underrated facelift that your home screen and lock screen needs. It’s something that can make use of your beautiful display and make something out of it. If you got a great OLED display, dont you think a pretty nice wallpaper will be good there? That whenever you unlock your phone will make you stop for a minute and behold on it’s wonder before you do whatever it is you pan to do? Yes wallpaper has that kind of a power and since there are basically billions of wallpapers available online, there are billions ways and reasons for you to look at your phone every single day!

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