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Im an artist who specializes in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Western, Gothic Romance and Romance illustration. Attached to this letter is a link to my online portfolio which features some samples of my unique style. I have the ability to manage and coordinate creative development of illustrations with art directors and clients and be successful with meeting all pertinent deadlines. I have illustrated art for such clients as Green Eagle Press, Fading Shadow Publications, Oni Press, Amryl Entertainment, Antimatter Publications, Wild Cat Books, University of Nebraska (Bison Press), Wildside Press, Heavy Metal Magazine, Liquid Silver Books, Renaissance E Books and Ray Bradbury, to name a few. I feel that my unique style of illustration can and will be a great asset to you.

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Ive just listed a new portrait of H. P. LOVECRAFT in My Originals For Sale Page, so check it out!!! Ive just posted a small painting of Robert E. Howards Puritan hero, Solomon Kane as well as a painting of Conan by one of my students, KYLEN. Please che! eck out My Originals For Sale Pag Ive updated my Published Work Page and added my most recent cover which is to ROBERT E. HOWARDs, Almuric for ERBville Press. Aside from the cover I also eight interior illustrations. There are two versions, hardcover and softcover. Please make sure to let them know that David sent ya! I hope that youve gone to the Leanta Books site to sign up for their free newsletter. When doing so, youll get a free ID that will allow you to access a special Members Only portion of their site. This section will offer you a free sampling from their books and will also feature art that is not in the published editions. Its out!!! Now for the FIRST time anywhere I can proudly announce that Edgar Rice Burroughs, A Princess of Mars is available for purchase. This oversize paperback contains nearly 40 illustrations that Ive been working on for the last 6 years! Please click on the image to go directly to the order site! The entire Pelbar Cycle series by Paul O. Williams, Pelbar Cycle is now for sale. Please see my Published Work page and click on the cover images to find out how to order. Please check out my NEW PAGE dedicated to the work of my students from my adult art class. Ive also added some new links. Please check these out, especially Faerie Mystique. Theyre carrying art and prints of mine that you wont find anywhere else :) My cover for Beth Williamsons THE REWARD from Liquid Silver eBooks has been nominated for Cover of the Month at Erin Aislinns website. You can vote for Cover of the Month, so please click on the above image to go to the page to see for yourself and to VOTE! (for my cover that is! :) Ive got somel paintings up for sale. These auctions are going on NOW, so please check out my ORIGINALS FOR SALE page! So ACT NOW and BID! THIS JUST ADDED to my Originals For Sale page: The cover painting for the upcoming e-book, After All This Time by Christina Rhys, from Renaissance E Books! ALSO PLEASE NOTICE that at the bottom of this page you can join my mailing list. Its a SECURE server and no one will see you name or e-mail address except me and I do not share this information with anyone. My mailing list will alert you of news and events, such as upcoming books featuring my work, signings, shows and art for sale, as well as several items that will be exclusive to those on my mailing list ONLY. Also check out my Mars Page, Ive finally added the quotes from some of the BEST artists around today. See what they have to say about my work on Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars series... Theres an article on me and my work in the Fosters Sunday Citizen, You can read it online at: If you are interested in buying any originals, you can write me. If youre interested in any of my originals that I have for sale RIGHT NOW, please go to my ORIGINALS FOR SALE page, which you can find buy using the tool bar to the left. One click and youre there. On this page, youll find my originals that are for sale RIGHT NOW on Ebay. Just click on the image youre interested in and it will take you directly to that auctions page. If you want to go to My Auction page, then just click on the photo above and youll see everything else that Im selling at any given moment. Now, in the ORIGINALS FOR SALE page, youll also find some of my work that is NOT posted anywhere else on this site. So even if youre not interested in buying, but want to see more of my work, thats another place to check out. Bare in mind that once the transaction for the auction has been completed, that image will disappear. These auctions are going on now. All of my contact information is located on the CONTACT PAGE located on the sidebar to the left of your screen. Thanks for looking! I am currently looking for an Artist Agent or Artist Representative. My work would best be suited for creature, weapon, landscape design and concept work for computer games, film and television, as well as cover illustration.


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