Business owners often need a place to store their products before it is made available to the public on retails or wholesale. The major storage facility used by business owners to perform this function is the warehouse. Warehouse is usually a big building but due to lack of proper arrangement of products and poor storage equipment, good are littered all around the building. This causes overcrowding of products and it is usually untidy to behold. The racking system is a solution to this as it gives warehouse much needed space even to the point of accepting more products. As more available space is created, more products are brought into the warehouse. The importance of racking system can’t be overemphasized, thus any business establishment that wants to maximize their profit and wants to have more storage space need to have racks. Shelf n store is one of the many racking system companies that sell, delivered and install racking system at warehouses. This company accommodates online business transactions. This could be done through different payment options such as MasterCard, Visa and others. In shelf n store company, your satisfaction is highly assured. Our rack equipment are the best in the whole of Singapore. We have rendered racking services to many people living within Singapore and outside at a good price.

warehouse racking


In shelf n store racking company, you will see some of the following variations of racks like the:

Drive-in pallet racking: This type of racking system creates much needed space and it is mostly used for the storage of bulky products. The products stored in drive-in pallet racking are arranged in a FIFO (first in first out)  manner.

The longspan shelving: This serves as a good alternative to  pallet racking system. They are similar but this racking system is smaller than the pallet and as such the products stored in it are lighter than the one stored in pallet.

The two aforementioned types of racking systems and others like the boltless racking system, foldable wire container and others are available at the shelf n store racking company in Singapore.