Learn From The Best At Andy1st Driving School

Learning how to drive from the best instructors is what you will need when you have are finally at the right age to get your driving license. There are plenty of driving schools in Birmingham, but one of the best and the most trusted driving school is Andy1st Driving School.

            Their driving tuition is tailored to what you will need. And if you are a new driver, they have a special offer for you. So if you are ready to take it up a notch with your driving skills, check out what Andy1st Driving School has to offer.

Andy1st Driving School – The Experts In Birmingham 

            When you have the right driving school and a top-notch driving instructor, it can make a huge difference in either passing or fail your driving test. Passing on your first try is not a guarantee but having a really good instructor will not only boost your driving knowledge but your confidence to pass the test as well.

            Andy1st Driving School has a team of qualified instructors who are also fully registered and have a DSA license. Most of them have advanced driving skills and the years of experience that you need as your reference to their ability to teach you. With this, they also are using high quality and dual-controlled cars during your lessons.

Andy1st Driving School Lessons Offered In Birmingham

            Andy1st Driving School offers different driving lessons in Birmingham. Aside from the standard lesson, they also offer intensive driving courses as well as automatic driving lessons. They also have theory test practice and the information that you need for a driving test. There are also refresher driving lessons and motorway lessons offered.

Andy1st Driving School – Tuition And Driving Lessons

            When you want to learn how to drive manual cars, the beginner’s offer is £45.00 for the first three house. When you choose to learn to drive an automatic car, the first 3 sessions are only for £45.00 each. Your lessons here will be for a full hour. You will receive individual lessons and there will be no piggyback lesson that will happen.

            Your instructions will let you know right away where you progress is at. The standard lessons per hour are £24. The student rate is at £23 an hour and for block booking, they charge their students £23 an hour as well.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to learn from the expert driving instructors of Birmingham, come and visit https://www.andy1st.co.uk/. Here, all of your driving lesson needs are being offered. No hidden charges! Pay for what you need at Andy1st Driving School.