Invest in the States.

Do you have that investor’s gut in you, so you know when and in which company you should invest? Do you have the patience to continue with ventures against awful odds and believe in them when no one does? Can you take the risks associated with investing in a company without knowing for sure if it would prove to be a right decision or not? Do you have what it takes to be an investor?

If it is so, the opportunity presented is just for you. Though one can always invest in nearby ventures, but that limits their options and chances of succeeding in this career. Investing online is a possible solution to this problem, but one of the most important factor while investing is trust and a very important way of building up trust is by physically being there where the work is going on. Observing with your yes the hard work being put in by each member of the team. No video call can help you do that. 

So what is the solution?

  • The solution is to make an eb5 investment visa, US. Green card (another name of States EB-5 visa) is one of the easiest way in which an investor can immigrate to the states.
  • You need to invest at least a million dollars in a venture in the States that will employ at least ten American workers.
  • You would be given a temporary green card in the beginning (i.e. A green card with conditions on it).
  • Further, you would have a window of two years to do the investment and generate the required employment.
  • If you’re able meet the required conditions, you can apply for the conditions to get removed from your card and demand for the “permanent US eb5 green card visa”.

Most of the people to whom the EB-5 visa is issued belong to countries like China, Taiwan and South Korea. Some people from Mexico, Japan and India are issued the green card too. Some people go to the States via the EB-5 visa for investment purposes, while others use it for investing once, completing the term, selling off the businesses and settling in the States as a permanent resident, owing to better facilities and opportunities available for themselves and their families in the States. 

What if I can’t meet the required conditions?

  • If you can’t generate the required employment after two years, your EB-5 immigrant visa would be cancelled and you can face being deported from the country.
  • However, if you successfully complete the terms and can get the conditions removed, you can lawfully become a resident of the States.
  • After getting the permanent green card, you can even legitimately sell your business some other entity.

But isn’t a million dollars a lot of money?

As the threshold amount of a million dollars has not been changed since a couple of decades, and with high amount of inflation, it has become a moderate amount for most economies, yet if it is a lot, then you do have another options. You can opt for investing in rural areas with low employment rates, which would reduce the mandatory threshold to half of its original amount. (i.e. half a million dollars).