Why A Wired Mouse With A Mouse Bungee Will Never Go Away

A mouse bungee is basically a piece of accessory that holds your mouse with a flexible arm to help with the cord tension. While some doubt the effectivity of this technology, most people doubt it for the reason that they think a wired mouse is old school and most can’t really tell the difference. For normal users, this is exactly the case, but for people that need precision, this is very useful.

These people are gamers and designers that make the mouse an extension of their hand and the difference between victory and result lies in a well-optimized functioning mouse and this is where a mouse bungee is very useful. There are 2 people in this world that used the mouse, the wired mouse people, and the wireless mouse people. While the subject is about mouse bungee, the fact that it existed because of a wired mouse, there should be a clear reason why a wired mouse with a mouse bungee is still used till this day.

Wireless mouse is heavy: It’s undeniable that a wired mouse is lighter that helps greatly with response and quickness. For the reason, that wired mouse is plugged in and doesn’t require a battery to be operated. Although it’s often the one that gets broken first due to aggressive cord tension in some users, this is still preferred by people that want a lightweight mouse and as long as the weight of a wireless device can never be lighter yet, people will still stick to wired ones.

Wireless mouse has to charge limitations: While you would hope that wireless mouse can work forever it can’t, the worst part is that it doesn’t have an indication that it’s low on battery that makes it a pain to use especially when you forgot to charge it or you ran out of battery. With a wired mouse, you don’t need to, just plug it in it’s intended socket and that’s it! You are ready to play till your heart’s content! No work stoppage and no game stoppage.

Wireless mouse is expensive: A wireless mouse is never cheap, especially the gaming ones. So unless they find a way to make wireless mouse cheaper (by the way is a longshot), there will still be wired users that will never be swayed by a wireless mouse no matter how beautiful it looks. Wireless mouse will always be expensive and forever will be, that is the fact.

A mouse bungee is an accessory that helps hold a mouse cord to make sure that the cords will not hinder the user and will not feel that they even have a cord at times. These mouse bungees have always been the topic of controversy since it supports a wired mouse that most people think will be obsolete after a couple of years. But this isn’t really true, for the reason that a wireless mouse is heavy, has charging limitations and just too darn expensive. As long as there is wired mouse being used, especially by professionals there will still be mouse bungees. If you want to see the lists of best mouse bungees you can check it in bestmousebungee.com.