What To Do If Your Dishwasher is Not Cleaning Properly?

A dishwasher has become an indispensable product for the home as it takes away the burden of cleaning dishes and utensils manually. Even though it takes a certain time to wash the dishes supplied but the outcome is generally very pleasant as the dishes get cleaned better than a manual wash. The only problem most of the dishwasher users face and complain about is that the dishwasher becomes inefficient in cleaning with time. You can call the service engineer and pay him hefty money every single time or you can learn some tricks to rectify this common issue like a pro. If your dishwasher is not cleaning properly, you need to take the following steps.

Steps To Check Different Parts Of The Dishwasher To Rectify The Issue –

Check The Spray Arm –

The most common reason why your dishwasher is not cleaning properly is the low pressure from the spray arm. The purpose of a spray arm is to spray hot water and detergents on the utensils. At times, there could be some crack developing, bearing rings leaks, and even debris that can get stuck and lower its pressure. Take a close look at the spray arm before moving on further. If your dishwasher comes with separated upper and middle spray arms, the docking station must be checked for proper docking. You should also check the flappers.

Check The Upper Discharge Gasket –

Take out the user manual that came with the dishwasher and locate where exactly the upper discharge is located. Due to the frequent use of a dishwasher, it can become loose and the spray arms may have a low pressure which is why the cleaning is not proper. If required, you can easily buy the gasket and change it effortlessly.

Apart from that, if your dishwasher comes with a food chopper to cut down the debris into tiny food particle, you have to clean it from time to time. If you don’t, the water is going to get dirty and the clean will not be proper.

Check Water Inlet and Delivery Tube –

The water inlet valve is highly important for the proper functioning of a dishwasher. If it supplies less amount of water or less water pressure, the dishes will not get cleaned completely. The water inlet is generally located on the front side of the dishwasher. If your dishwasher comes with separated spray arms, then you have to check for the delivery tube. The delivery tube supplies water to the upper spray arm through a pump. Check out the proper function and perfect attachment to the machine.

Apart from these parts, you have to also check out for filters that remove debris which may need a replacement from time to time. Even the detergent dispenser could be the reason behind the problem. Use a proper detergent after determining whether the water you are supplying is soft or hard water.

If none of the above steps could fix the dishwasher issue, you have to call up a service engineer to take a look and fix it.