What is RTA REVS Check

If you are looking to buy a used car in Australia then it is vital that you perform a REVS check of the vehicle too. This will help you know whether the vehicle that you have chosen is registered on the Register of Encumbered Vehicles or not. This informs you whether there is any pending debt on the owner of the vehicle by some lender or previous owner of the vehicle. If there is any residual debt you have the risk of repossession of the car by the lender even after taking possession.

There are several government bodies that offer RTA revs check at minimal rates or for free. These organizations include the local RTA i.e. Roads and Maritime Service which was earlier known as Roads and Traffic Authority. Apart from getting the REVS check one must get a vehicle history report too in order to be safe and secure while buying a vehicle. These documents include several critical information about the vehicle. You can also ask the seller following questions for more information —

  • Has your car ever met with an accident before? Is it written off or is it reconditioned?
  • Are you the owner of the vehicle or is it registered as stolen?
  • Do you have the current registration for your vehicle?
  • Is the odometer reading accurate?

If you are not sure whether you will get correct answers to the above questions from the person or dealer from whom you are going to buy the vehicle then it is important to do few checks of the vehicle. These include vehicle history report generation using the VIN number and PPSR or revs check of the vehicle. There are several reputed private as well as government organizations that can provide you with these reports. You can rely on these websites to get comprehensive, detailed and correct information about the vehicle that you are intending to buy. So stay safe and contact an expert such as https://checkvin.com.au, to get a complete check of the used vehicle. It includes a check off all types of vehicles that are listed as private properties according to the government of Australia.