What a Treasure Hunt Challenge

Once upon a time there was a girl. A Girl who was the epitome of all those girl guide meets, the joy of boarding school and being called “spunky”.Not a girl more of a “gell” as the upper classes would pronounce it. She was not afraid to watch Rugby Drill Videos with the boys like the ones that are now available online at https://www.sportplan.net/drills/Rugby/or even have a goat it. She’d probably be a good fly half. She was also not averse to leaping out of helicopters and screaming “I’ve got the clue, stop the CLOCK! STOP THE CLOCK!”. We speak in hushed tones of the “all action girl” Anneka Rice.

“Well done, Well done Anni” Kenneth Kendal would say in his best posh newsreaders tones stuck somewhere in a studio in east London while poor Anneka was sent out into the wilds of Britain, or sometimes abroad if the budget and dodgy radio mikes and satellite feed would allow it, with Keith her faithful helicopter pilot. Back in the studio Kenneth was joined by a small team of eighties attired middle class dingbats who would attempt to understand the cryptic clues that would lead them to win five hundred pounds. Don’t forget that most of the budget was blown on the helicopters. Also, there was sardonic TV-AM weather girl Wincey Willis who was a bout as much use as jelly teapot to the contestants and Kenneth. She would just keep making comments to Anneka whenever she went past a pub or they flew over a vineyard. “No time for that Anni”, she would say whilst they cut back Anneka looking less than impressed.

One thing that became apparent as the series went on was that Anneka Rice became thinner and a lot fitter. There was a good reason for this. She would wear a sort of Jump/Shell suit kind of thing that basically showed off her bum. The upshot was that whenever they leaped from a helicopter Graham, the erstwhile cameraman would jump out and follow. It wasn’t his fault as she haired off that he got some full-on shots of her behind. This led to her deciding she needed to shape up, plus it was physically more demanding than she’d first thought.

The contestants could not see Anneka, viewers didn’t realise this, they could only hear her. They had a mapof the area she was in and basically a library of reference books. The Map gave Wincey her main job of moving a helicopter sticker around the map and telling the team how long they had before they failed, which she took some pleasure in. Perhaps the five hundred quid prize money was her appearance fee?