Moved to a new house or lost/misplaced your keys whichever is the circumstance all you need to do is to rekey your locks. A lock is the first line of security protecting your home from unwanted entry and thus, makes it important to have an exclusive hold of your keys.

How is it works?

Rekeying allows changing the configuration of your locks. The pins and springs will be replaced with new pins and springs of different sizes. This will change the configuration of the lock.  Now, the lock will be operated by a different key. Hence, the previous keys will become non-operational on the lock. If you are looking for rekeying in San Diego, you have some best professional locksmiths available here.

Is rekeying is better than replacing the lock?

If you are also having the same question then we have the perfect solution to your problem. Yes, indeed it is a better option than replacing the locks. It has some fabulous advantages over replacement of locks. Read further to know more about it.

A cheaper option than replacing the locks

Rekeying is cheaper and better alternative than replacing the locks. Replacement of locks will cost you more than rekeying. So, if you are also thinking about replacement please think twice before going for it. Maximum numbers of people are opting for rekeying in San Diego than for replacement of keys. This gives you an idea that how popular is re-keying san diego .

Save time by choosing to rekey over replacement

Rekeying of locks takes the half amount of time of what it takes for replacement of locks. It saves your time as well as, money. Replacement requires hardware, which is if not available has to be shipped from overseas and it will take time.

One key for multiple locks

Do you also get confused with the keys? No more confusion from now onwards opting for rekeying of the locks will get you one key for all your locks. This is definitely convenient and hassle-free option. This gives you a relief from searching keys.

So, next time when you are moving to a new house or god forbid lost track of your keys you know what you have to do. Just call a locksmith and get your locks rekeyed.