Prefabricated House vs Traditional House: what to choose?

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Prefabricated house: materials and constructive system. The prefabricated house is to build and assemble a part of the house in the factory and then finish the assembly on the site.

Manufacture of three-dimensional sets in the factory

The construction chain is based on the prefabrication method in the workshop from beginning to finish. House sections are built in the factory from standard plans and the assembly of 2, 3, 4 three-dimensional modules. The size of the modules is usually 4m wide and 3.4m high, while the length varies according to the size of the house to be built. Wood and its accessories weigh about 75% of the total weight of buildings.

cost of precast concreteSetting up workshop equipment

When the assembly of the module is finished, cost of precast concrete   specialized technicians finalize the equipment of the house during manufacture. Many types of indoor and outdoor equipment and coatings can be inserted without changing the manufacturing process.

Quality control in the workshop

Airtightness tests are carried out on the modules before mounting on-site to ensure their quality. And the modules also leave the workshop only after receiving the thermal label.

Foundations and assembly on-site and setting up workshop equipment

The client designates a sub-contractor builder or an authorized partner, as the case may be for foundations. Transport of the modules is done by exceptional convoy, of the second category and on adapted trailers. The assembly of the modules, the frame, and the roof should only be carried out by authorized technicians.

Why do we choose a prefabricated house according to the sellers?

The prefabricated house sellers put forward their experience and their thoughts on construction, having them to want to improve the quality of new homes from this industrial and modular method. They claim to ensure the quality of achievement, including a shortened construction phase, quality finishes and above all a total satisfaction of customers.

Also, prefabricated houses can be certified according to the RT 2012 standard and thus would not present any difference in quality with a traditional house.

But can we prove it exactly? We will make a comparison between a traditional and prefabricated house based on five criteria of choice of potential customers.

Comparison between traditional houses and prefabricated houses

Criterion 1: Ecology

  • The frame of the walls is wooden
  • Wood wool insulation
  • Air tightness and thermal bridges are treated in the factory (VMC equipment, electrical networks, and water are passed in areas that provide insulation and sealing).
  • The materials used are considered ecological (the wood absorbs CO2, reduces energy losses thanks to its thermal qualities and consumes little gray energy for its transformation compared to other building materials)

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