Ozone water purification system

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This is a fairly used and effective system to purify water since ozone has the capacity to eliminate viruses, bacteria and microorganisms. However, it does not serve to eliminate chemicals from the water. In many places, instead of using chlorine, they purify the water with ozone since a much smaller amount is required and it is more effective. There are models of very practical water ionizers, which you can place on the tap of your kitchen like the one in the image above.

water treatment products pittsburghWater purification system by reverse osmosis

  • Reverse osmosis is one of the water purification systems most used today, with a wide variety of brands, models and prices .
  • This system consists of forcing the passage of water through a semi-permeable membrane which filters out all the unwanted particles.
  • It has proven to be a highly efficient and more complete system than, for example, activated carbon filters individually.
  • But there are also some elements that can escape, so modern osmosis equipment includes several components such as a series of pre-filters that treat the water before reaching the osmosis membrane .Precisely two of these pre-filters are activated carbon, one block and another granulate that give a pre-treatment to the water before going through the membrane

A much discussed  point water treatment products pittsburgh of the system of water purification by reverse osmosis is that it wastes a lot of water for every liter produced, although currently, manufacturing companies work to improve efficiency in this regard.

For example, they add to the equipment, a water pressure pump , which drives the water more quickly in the system, getting water purified faster and with less waste

Treatment with Ultra Violet rays

  • When it comes to biological contaminants, an ultraviolet light system represents a highly effective water purifier to achieve deep disinfection .
  • These units pass water through a glass tube, exposing it to a strong dose of ultraviolet radiation.
  • In this way, sterilize any microorganism that may be present in the water .
  • This system is excellent for neutralizing bacteria and viruses, but is ineffective in removing dissolved particles and chemical contaminants.
  • Due to this limitation, ultraviolet disinfection equipment usually includes a physical filter of some kind to provide complete water purification .

In the most complete and modern reverse osmosis equipment, it is usually included a post filtration stage that is precisely with UV rays.

This complements the action of reverse osmosis with the powerful elimination of UV rays.

As you may have seen, today you have many options for purification systems for domestic use that you can use if the water quality of your home leaves much to be desired. So it’s time to choose!