aerospace fasteners

One of the industries that have stringent rules and regulations is the aero industry. All the parts used on air crafts have to meet specific requirements because one mistake can be quite costly. This is why every detail on a plane is strictly adhered to, including aerospace fasteners. It may be easy to assume that these little things could cause no harm but you will be amazed at the damage these small items can cause if strict measures are not adhered to.

Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFAR) compliance

Aviation authorities in the entire world are obligated to ensure that all the fasteners that are used on air crafts are made using the right metals and alloys. The air plane is expose to different atmospheric pressures and humidity levels. Using metals and alloys that are highly corrosive could be disastrous and should never be allowed. This is why the aerospace fasteners follow strict regulations in the production process and have high set standards to ensure the safety of passengers and the plane.

Certified supplier

This is a very important aspect you should never over look. This is because certified suppliers have undergone the right vetting and have received approval because they have followed strict regulations and have adhered to the quality of aero fasteners. By ensuring you buy the fasteners from a reputable certified supplier, you will be choosing safety and quality.

The type of aircraft for which the fasteners are being bought

It is important to remember that not all aerospace fasteners can be used on any air craft. For example, a fastener that will be used on the rotors of the helicopter will be different from those that are used on jet engines. This is because the fastener used on the rotor of the helicopter is exposed to more stress. The fastener therefore needs to be strong enough to handle the stress it will be exposed to. It is important to let the supplier know what plane or part where the fastener will go to so that you get the right size and strength of the fasteners to suit the aircraft.