How to Make Your Inn Go Green

Guests who choose inns over hotels for their lodging care about comfort, peacefulness, and special experiences.

They love the uniqueness of Bed and breakfasts; they love the comfy beds, the homey bedroom decor, and the personal interaction they have with you as the “caretaker”.

Why not take their appreciation to the next level by becoming an environmentally friendly inn?

When you go green, you’re completing many tasks at the same time; you’re reducing the amount of harmful chemicals in the air, you’re reducing pollution, and conserving natural resources.

Why wouldn’t you want to go green? It’s not as complicated as you might think. I’ll go over some easy ways you can make your inn green:


Shocker! I bet you’ve heard that one fifteen thousand times.

Purchase items in tin cans and glass jars as much as possible since those items are easily recyclable.

You can also learn about what labels to look for so you know what packaging is recyclable and what is not.

Stop using printers and communicate electronically

Almost everyone uses email these days; reduce unnecessary paper usage and printing by sending documents through email as often as your guests will allow.

Keep lights turned off when not in use

That’s about as simple as it gets! Turn off all lights when you’re not using them.

Kindly ask your guests to do the same.

Stop offering your guests an unlimited amount of bottled water

Instead, invest in a water purifier for your tap water. You could even fill jugs with the purified water and leave the jugs in each bedroom with a cup or two so guests don’t have to go to the kitchen for a drink of water.

Use homemade cleaning spray

You have no idea what ailments your guests have. Someone could have a respiratory disorder or another problem that makes them sensitive towards harsh chemicals.

You can combine products like baking soda, lemon, soap, and vinegar to make a natural cleaning liquid. Each of these ingredients are unlikely to bother any guest or employee.

Do your guests, yourself, and the earth a favor by going green.