How To Justify Expensive Soccer Cleats

Soccer cleats are performance shoes that are specifically made for the grassy soccer environment. Aside from golf, this is one of those sports specific shoes that you can’t use outside with, unless maybe your place is muddy and grassy. Soccer cleats are very popular and based on the recent advancements in shoe technology and price, people are finding it hard to fathom why lesser durable looking shoes would be priced so high.

This is because they never made shoes the way they used to, because obviously the older ones were the more durable ones and the prices weren’t so high back then, that is why with all these knitted uppers and molded TPU technology, more people were skeptic primarily because of the price. While there are people that will never ever and can never justify the hefty price, the reason why it’s priced that way it is, because there is a market for it.

Not for everybody: Obviously, there are options out there that are cheaper but can you say that to the people buying Balenciaga, Yeezy’s, Pharrell’s, Nike Air Mags and collab shoes? Obviously, prices aren’t justified but people still buy em. Why? Because there’s a demographic, a market that buys these stuff and that ladies and gentlemen is what sneaker culture is all about. With performance shoes being very expensive has to do with various factors like:

  • Being a signature model
  • Has the best of the best offers from the brand

Why make performance shoes like cleats very expensive? Tech wise, the shoes of today are lighter, scientifically based and backed by research to provide optimum performance. From the weight, sizing, fit, lockdown and comfort, these expensive shoes can provide all that. Athletes always try to elevate their game and if that is something that their sponsors can help them with, then that is something to consider. If it can help them run faster, move better, kick better, handle the ball, if you got all the money in the world and money is not an issue or you’re the top player and you get these from your sponsors for free, you wouldn’t care about the price, you would care about the results. If winning a championship would mean wearing a $ 1000 shoe, would you? of course, you will! Here are some just of them:

  • $ 1000 – Nike Mercurial Superfly 4 (Tech Craft Pack)
  • $ 550 – Nike Mercurial What The Superfly IV
  • $ 300 – Nike Hypervenom 3
  • $ 275 – Adidas Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility FG Soccer Cleats
  • $ 250 – Nike Magista Obra II

Soccer is a very popular sport, so popular that in any country it’s known. It’s also known to have some very expensive cleats these past few years and that developed a number of skeptics since there are cleats that are very expensive. But one thing people should remember is that there is a market for it and it’s not for everybody. Anyone would want to get an iPhone X, but because of its hefty price not everyone can buy it, but there are people that do. If you got money to spend, would you get the most expensive soccer cleats?