Facts related to Twin Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most important moments for women. There are a number or women around the globe who feel the need to be conceived, but are unaware of the facts related to healthy conceiving. It is important to get familiar with hgc levels for twins to ensure that the conceiving is healthy.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin HCG is a type of hormone in women that is responsible for placenta formation. This is very common the moment women conceive.

Earliest time for HCG detection

Doctors can easily detect the HCG levels in the blood at least eleven days from the time of conceiving. Once the women has conceived it is obvious that the level of HCG will simply double in count every 72 hours.

It also reaches its peak count on the eleventh day and the moment you are pregnant then it is obvious that the count may either increase or decrease.  Women who might have faced infertility problems in early days then it is obvious that you may require regular doctor checkups.

For doctors it is important to detect the rate of doubling for HCG. In case it does not double then the pregnancy may not be healthier following less chances of conceiving.

HCG and twins

It is important to study the HCG levels for twins for doctors. You need to keep in mind that HCG is not present in your body naturally as it will only be detectable if you are pregnant. So the moment you are expecting twins then each of the child will produce its distinct HCG. So the level of HCG will definitely be much higher as compared to normal levels.

So if the women is expecting twin babies then the count of HCG in her body will be almost double as compared to normal levels.

HCG role

One of the main jobs played by HCG is to communication with corpus luthem.  This also reflects that the women is pregnant and expecting a baby. So if the women is pregnant then she will keep on releasing HCG hormone consistently. Apart from this HCG also maintains the internal Uterus lining. It also helps in the developmental stage of implant.

Importance of HCG tests

It helps in confirmation that the women is  pregnant. Apart from this it is also helpful in determining the exact age of pregnancy. This means that it can be used for detecting the fetus age. In case then is any chance of miscarriage then it can be detected in early stage.