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lost places berlin

The lost places berlin list is quite a little long and interesting with some of which being mentioned below:

  • Ausländerlager Schönholz
  • Bahnbetriebswerk Pankow Heinersdorf
  • The Ballhaus in Grünau
  • VEB Bärensiegel
  • Checkpoint Bravo
  • The Abandoned Children’s Home
  • The Cinema Directors House
  • The Lost Cabaret – The Classical Villa
  • Berlins rail based transport

The famous Berlins rail based transport network is quite huge. The S-Bahn and U-Bahn combined covers more than 477 Km worth of the tracks with 25 lines and 339 stations. Rail network expanded with rapid economic depression, growing city, though wars and political divisions have caused lines to get closed altogether or projects abandoned midway. The Friedhofsbahn which ran from the Wannsee to Stahnsdorf falls under the list of lost places Berlin abandoned lines.

lost places berlin

At the beginning of the 20th century the city was running out of the space to bury the beloved dead and hence, the cemeteries were moved outside the city. This made it quite expensive to transport the dead and relatives and hence, railway line from the city to the cemeteries was turned into action with efficient connection with the name as Friedhofsbahn – Cemetery Train. The Prussian and The Berlin city Synod Railway Administration worked out a contract where the church would do the land provision and stem the building cost of line while the administration takes care of maintenance of the line.

The Berlin wall is quite famous with construction on August 13 in 1961 the S-Bahn service and the entire train was stopped. At this very point Dreilinden was known as Checkpoint Bravo which is one of the 3-allied control points that divided Berlin and Germany. Both the West Germany and East slowly started dismantling the tracks in the 1970s.

The bridge which spanned the Teltowkanal was destroyed during the Second World War with putting a temporary end to the services to Stahnsdorf but the service continued to operate from Wannsee to Dreilinden. Bridge reconstruction caused regular service resume in 1948 that lasted until 1952 when the last cemetery train rolled. This is quite an interesting place among the other lost places Berlin.