All about Privacy: What is a Proxy Browser?

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If privacy is important for you, most of the time, you don’t want other people to know what you are searching on the internet. This is because privacy is important and you don’t want someone to intervene in your daily browsing life.

So if you are the type of person that wants to hide everything, there’s a simple way where you can keep your browsing history as a secret – proxy browser.

Proxy Browser: What is it?

The proxy browser will serve as a filter for your web. It will serve as a third-man between you and the internet. It gives you the right to change your web geo-restriction and basic filters on the internet.

And for the result, your IP (your internet unique address) will remain secret as you continue to browse in the net. So, because of this, no one can have the ability to unlock your sensitive and confidential data.

Proxy Browser and Virtual Private Networks

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) is used if you don’t want to use proxy browser to hide your information. In VPN, a user needs to update the IP address that was provided by your internet service provider. Using a VPN can also change your geo-restriction, but not only that, even your privacy and security are all intact. You may also use a VPN router to make it more secure if you have multiple gadgets at your home.

free proxyVirtual Private Browser VS Virtual Private Networks: Which is Better?

Well, it’s difficult to choose from these two. Both of them has its own functionalities and benefits. A proxy browser can secure your system and identity, while VPN has the function to allow your anonymous browsing and can make your data security more secured by the use of encryption.

On the other hand, the proxy browser has no data encryption features, only VPN service has this type of functionalities. So generally speaking, you’ll get great data privacy and security with VPN service compared to proxy browsers. In addition, VPN service doesn’t also affect the speed of your internet, same with proxy browsers. You can use them both if you want indestructible security protection, choose a reliable VPN service and install a well-secured proxy browser.